Club History

The Agricola Club was founded in 1901 by past students of the South Eastern Agricultural College, whose first students arrived in 1894.  The Club continued to publish an annual journal throughout both World Wars. Following the post war re-opening, Swanley College merged with Wye College in 1946 and in 1951 the ‘Swanley Guild’ and the ‘Wye College Association’ formally merged to form the ‘Wye College Agricola Club and Swanley Guild’.  In 1995 the Swanley Guild part of the name was dropped and the name of the Club become the ‘Wye College Agricola Club’, as it is today.

At the merger of Wye College with Imperial College in 2000, the Club became a constituent part of Imperial Alumni. Moves to work closely with the Alumni of the University of Kent at Canterbury were abandoned in 2008 when Imperial and UKC ceased collaborating on the use of the Wye Campus.  When Imperial closed their Wye Campus in July 2009, the Club embarked on consolidating its activities independently from Imperial College.  The Club currently has a membership of some 3000 past students and staff and will continue to serve its members for the foreseeable future.