Wye College Agricola Club

The Wye College Agricola Club is the association for former students and staff of Wye College, Swanley College and Imperial College at Wye.  The Club fulfills the following roles:

  • To act as a conduit for all past students and staff to maintain and develop contacts with each other.
  • To organise social events for its members.
  • To promote the professional development of its members.
  • To sustain the world wide links developed over many years and to act as a contact point for those who need help and support when travelling in countries where members work and reside.
  • To receive updates and to support the activities which were formally a part of the academic programme at Wye and now based elsewhere.


Membership is open to all graduates and staff of the College; anyone who did not get round to joining at graduation is more than welcome to join now by filling in an Application Form and Bank Standing Order Form.

Contact Wye College Agricola Club

Agricola Secretariat
Honorary Secretary - Francis Huntington B.Sc Ag
Cumberland House
Church Street
Ashford, Kent
TN25 5BJ

T: 01233 813884