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Wye Treasures Database - Silver, metalwork and clocks
Published: 07/12/2018
Safeguarding the 'Wye Treasures' formally held in the College has been our concern over the years. One of our members is currently working on the lists and descriptions of the sil...
2021 AGM and Dinner - Save the Date
Published: 25/01/2020
The 2021 AGM and Dinner will be on Saturday 30th October in Wye.  Why not round up your contemporaries  and join us at Wye, the venue will be as three years ago at Wye Sc...
On Your Farm - Wye College Sunday Jan 31st 2021 Radio 4
Published: 10/02/2021
For those who missed this excellent review of all that the College achieved during its most active and influential years.      https://www.bbc.co.uk/prgrammes/b006s5...